Friday, 15 April 2011

First production meeting on Friday's Friday! It has been a very busy week here. We now have our 'comment' feature up and operating. Before the production notes, I want to thank my friends and family who have supported me from the very beginning when I started writing this screenplay for Dogwood. I am a firm believer that you give 'thanks', to where thanks is due. My friends over on twitter, who have been more than loyal to me... @MikeBonomo @teeco71 @joanblair @jeffrago @gossipboyonline @hollywoody @Fox_Mulder to name a few.
My team production members. Javier, I cannot thank you enough of all your support, wisdom and knowledge. You are such an important part of this journey! Kathy, my editing writer and Chris, who has more patience than a saint. You are my rock!
Dogwood's first meeting is later on today and I already have 8 pages...make that 10 pages of notes to go through. Website new features will be discussed. I want to make sure that this website is not only dedicated to the fans of Dogwood but to all of the gay/lesbian/bi/transgendered communities out there. Also, a  'synopsis' for Dogwood will be in the next post, so you will be able to connect and get to know the characters of the future series. Communication is so important, so please feel free to comment (moderated)and  'follow''s the feature on the right hand side. You can also follow me through twitter: @studiocity21
Have a great start to your weekend! xo

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