Sunday, 10 April 2011

Dogwood...The journey from script to television.

It's been a long road...and many with many pages written and re-written, 'Dogwood' the series, is here! This is the next step of getting Dogwood's conception from script to a producer and then onto Television.
Dogwood's conception started in 1993, when my best friend, Tim, lost his life to AIDS. He was smart, intelligent, caring, funny and he loved life. He was only 29.
The devastation and heartache which this disease has caused and is still causing today is unforgivable at best. Now in 2011, AIDS is still contributing to the highest percentage of death rates in the world. And if that is not enough, our youth now are being attacked. They are being bullied, harassed, beaten and viciously murdered for being gay. This cannot continue. We need to educate our society. We need to get to the parents, the schools, the friends and so reach out to our children who are now committing suicide because they think they have no where else to turn, except to death.
This is why Dogwood has been written. When people fear something or are ignorant, they turn to hate simply because they do not understand. When you educate, you remove the fear...and acceptance begins. Knowledge is power. To understand something completely, we need to go back to the source. Just like learning to play guitar, you need to learn the history of music before you can play rock. This is where Dogwood begins. In the beginning of the 1980's. Just as the AIDS epidemic is about to make it's appearance.
So welcome to Dogwood's website debut! This is it's first day and we have a lot to put up, so please be patient and grow with us as we will take the journey of reaching our goal of getting Dogwood into production! Many other features are on their way as we are so excited to bring them to you. Thank you for taking an interest in Dogwood and keep checking back for updates. There will be many of them to come!